Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oct.28th. Mary's version of a Paul Henry Oil

 Newspaper photo of Paul Henry's  "Bog Road"


My W.I.P.(work in progress) done in Guache water paint, from a photo of Paul Henry's recently discovered oil painting. " Bog Road".
I hope to complete it. Guache is very different from working in water colour, it is not unlike the oil technique.


  1. there's so much more depth to oils and gouache then you get with watercolours..nice work Mary!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I am finding the Guache paint very interesting, provided I don't use much water with it!

  3. I really prefer your painting , it seems like the original is of a rainy day , yours is so much brighter! :)

  4. this looks great, i love the tones, and the blending, it looks very mystical

  5. Thanks everyone. Francoise, the original is quite colourful, the newspaper copy above does not do it justice!