Monday, July 19, 2010

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I hope to create an informal amateur sketchers group to allow fellow artists to share ideas about their work and to meet new people.
  • The sketchers group will initially be based in Cafe Moda in Rathmines and each member will provide their own art materials
  • The idea being we don't actually have pay to be a member of an art group but will still gain ideas from working in a group.

  • The idea is mainly for quick sketches using mainly pencil/ charcoal, but Pastels/ experimentation is always welcome- although the group will hopefully grow and develop, and be open to changes.

  • The secound idea is that we meet once a week, and sketch for about an hour or two with the option of discussing our work after over coffee/ tea. we could have different themes for each week eg dragons/ scenery (to be decided the week before by the group)

  • mid week or fridays (fridays when my postgrad starts) are great for me but with the brighter evenings we could do it in the evening time and during weekdays too

Anyhow if your interested post up, or better still click on the join button so you can become a contributor to our humble sketchers group! or email

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  1. A good idea:-)
    Have a lot of fun, thanks for following...