Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Next meeting the 4th August

hi everyone,

it was lovely to see some old faces and some new. We will be meeting again next Wednesday at Cafe Moda at 7pm. If anyone has any pictures they would like me to post up email them to or else I can add you as a contributor to the blog and you can post them up yourself (as simple as writting an email). If anyone has a blog I will add it to the list.

The theme for next week will be losely based around

1) Pets-past and present, eg dog/ cat/ woodlouse/ whatever your into!
2) still life- bring in an old shoe to sketch or an item of clothing (or a new one)!

Thanks, Sarah ps if you've any suggestions for themes please post up here!


  1. Sarah, I really enjoyed last week's sketch, lovely atmosphere in the cafe. Sorry I cannot make it this Wed. but I hope to be there next week!

  2. Hope there will be one not on a Wed, hate that I have to miss it! That's the problem with having too many extra curricular activities :)