Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First session Next Wednesday @ 7pm

Hi everyone we're going to have a pilot session next wednesday (eg the 28th July) at 7pm in Cafe Moda. The day isnt going to be fixed every week and we can decide before each session what day it will take place.
James (hardcore sketcher) has provided us with two themes for the next session

1) Figurative theme : Interiors - Draw paint the interior or a section of it focusing on contrast or pattern or colour or light and shade. eg the inside of the cafe, a made up interior or any interior eg a skeleton, a room/ a zoo/ a church

2) Abstract Theme : Working from a photo or picture of your choice blow up a 4 cm square section of it to 20x20cm square or whatever dimensions you like once it's much bigger than the orignal ; perhaps focusing on contrast and or pattern again e.g. a section of an eye / jungle scene / city / wildlife etc. Do several if you like, pehaps place four of them together in a line or grid and see if anything suggests itself.

Two by James


  1. Great work Sarah, really looking forward to the meet up in Cafe Moda.
    I like the idea of working to a theme, it helps to boost the artistic Grey Matter! Hopefully the sketchers who cannot make it on Sundays, may come
    to this session instead.

  2. I can't make the first session but hope to make next week. Happy Sketching!

  3. Good session the first week Sarah, had to miss the second as was away down in Wexford for the open air painting, look forward to making the next one. Cheers.JAmes